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Imagine life without a home. This is not a theatre plot, it is the reality for the homeless young adults that The Y supports locally. Too many of them are living traumatic lives and experiencing family breakdown, bereavement, depression or abuse.

“Mum said she didn’t want me”

From as young as three Carly was passed around different family members, never feeling loved or settled during her childhood.  At age seventeen she was kicked out, leaving her homeless and vulnerable.  

Trying to live independently Carly suffered months of violent abuse at the hands of her partner, including a hospital stay with broken ribs. With mounting depression Carly tried to take her own life.   

When Carly moved to The Y she had no family support and nowhere else to turn.

“I know I’m safe here and I can sleep now; I was so tired.  Before I was trying to cope everyday on my own and I just lost track of it all and gave up. Now my keyworker is always there for me and knows what I’ve been through. I’m improving each week and I’m getting back to my old self.”

Which project would you like to see The Y develop this year using the theatre ticket round-up donations?

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